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Group Study helps students to build best communication skill and improve thinking creativity. It gives a chance to develop as a student, person and professional. Group Study is the best way to prepare for any competitive exam likeĀ NEET. Entrance exam are based on conceptual understanding and deep learning. It is good to do self study for exam preparation, but it is time consuming and tedious way.

Group study gives the best opportunity to learn more in less time span. Doing exam preparation with study group makes learning atmosphere more friendly and enjoyable. Studying with group members is a great way to learn the syllabus more deeply & conceptually.

Everyone has some unique talent and specific knowledge, in group study members can learn from each other. Students get an opportunity to take the advantages of other group members knowledge and talents. Group study also helpful to improves your prepared notes. If we miss some of the importance points to write in notes then during group discussion you get a chance for improving your notes.

In a group students can motivate and encourage each other to achieve the common goal of learning. The atmosphere of group is very positive and inspiring. Students do all the thing time to time like class assignments, lectures, study, and practice due to group study. Being a part of group learning team helps to avoid procrastination.